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What should we pay attention to when cleaning with vinegar?

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What should we pay attention to when cleaning with vinegar?

Vinegar has many uses in household cleaning. However, because vinegar is acidic, it is inappropriate to use vinegar in many cases. It may destroy wax, light grey laminate flooring, even destroy plants, and cause damage to other items or materials.



Some cases of not using vinegar when cleaning: 


When polishing hardwood floors, if vinegar is used, it will damage the veneer of hardwood floors and make the discount laminate flooring look dark. If you want to clean hardwood floors, you can use some detergents or soapy water specially made for hardwood floors.


Some people use vinegar to remove oil stains. This is wrong, because vinegar cannot effectively remove oil stains on any surface like cheap laminate flooring packs, because it is acidic, it is best to use ordinary dishwashing cleaners or other alkaline cleaners to clean oil stains.


Some people use vinegar to clean wax on furniture, but we must know that vinegar can dissolve wax, although vinegar can remove old wax layers on the surface. But if you just want to clean the furniture on the patterned laminate flooring simply, you'd better use a special wax cleaning solvent.


Maybe you will scrub granite or marble furniture with vinegar. In this case, when stone comes into contact with vinegar, it will corrode and produce some pits. Therefore, you can't clean stone furniture on the high quality laminate flooring with vinegar, just use some mild detergent water.


Laptops, smart phones, tablet screens and televisions that we often use will produce an oleophobic coating. If you spray vinegar directly on it, it will damage the surface of these electronic products.


Many people use vinegar to remove insects from plants. Although vinegar can play the role of herbicide to a certain extent, it is likely to damage plants and even kill plants while killing insects.



How to clean up the solid wood floor crevice?


There are two ways to repair cracks on the commercial laminate flooring: one is to cut the old books and newspapers into debris, add appropriate amount of alum, boil with clear water into paste, embedded in the seam, dry very firm. The second is to mix wood chips with white glue evenly, embedded cracks, a day and night with sandpaper polishing, simple and economical. It is best to mop the light laminate flooring, do not use dripping mop, must control the water of the mop. Keep indoor ventilation, do not be too wet, do not sprinkle water, especially hot water, if sprinkled on the ground, it must be quickly erased.



How to clean up the wax on the composite wood floor?


Wax is chosen in fine weather because wax is constantly changing in the changing state of weather. If the humidity is too high in rainy days, waxing of solid grey laminate wood flooring will produce white turbidity. When the room temperature is below 5℃, the floor wax will harden. Therefore, we must choose to maintain the floor in fine weather. First of all, remove the dirt on the surface of solid pvc laminate flooring. You can use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust on the surface of solid wood composite flooring. Wipe the dirt on the parquet floor with diluted neutral detergent. To prevent detergent from accumulating in the groove, the dishcloth soaked with detergent should be wrung out as far as possible. Floor wax scavengers can lead to stains and bloating of solid oak parquet flooring, which should never be used.




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