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Whether the Kitchen is Suitable for Laying Wood Floor?

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Whether the Kitchen is Suitable for Laying Wood Floor?

Home decoration is one of the links that modern people pay attention to. For the decoration and design of the kitchen, some people discuss whether the kitchen is suitable for laying wood floor. So what problems should be paid attention to? Let us get to know together.


1. Ventilation


In the kitchen, usually there is a large suction cooker hood installed on the top and the kitchen floor mat laid underneath. So, the kitchen can actually be laid the wood floor, but it is recommended that you lay laminated wood floor. The solid wood floor will expand and contract as the change of temperature, and the gap will have dirt, which will probably cause some cleaning problems in the later period, but the chance of this gap appearing is also small. In order to control these changes and make sure the wood floor of kitchen keeping good condition, the kitchen should be well ventilated and should be fitted with extraction fan.


2. Whether the kitchen is really open?


In order to create a certain fashion atmosphere, some families like the kitchen with open style. This kind of open kitchen will bring about two problems. One is to corrode the wood floor indoors. Another is that it is easy to pollute indoor air. Because Chinese food is mainly based on cooking, the fume smell is relatively strong. After the kitchen is opened, it is easy to cause the fume to drift into the living room and indoors, which is easy to corrode the floors, refrigerator and other electrical appliances in the home and form a pollution source that causes lung cancer to leave hidden dangers. So, the users should consider this point when decorating. Of course, if you seldom cook at home, the open style kitchen is a good idea for you. Even if occasionally there is water splashing on the floor when washing vegetables, and it is no problem even if people do not mop in time.  



3. Find good decoration company to install floors and measure size accurately.


Before the kitchen is renovated, first of all, the decoration company goes to the kitchen for measurement. In addition to measuring the size, it is necessary to check whether the original position of the various pipes is suitable. If it is not suitable and needs to be changed, draw a drawing and submit it to the decoration company. The construction team will carry out necessary transformations according to the drawings before installing beautiful wooden flooring. It should be noted that if the size does not measure accurately, or the construction team does not strictly follow the size, it is often the case happened that the size of wood floor is not correct due to the inaccurate size. This requires users to pay more attention to when decorating.

What is more, the color of wood flooring should fit the kitchen. Generally speaking, the dark color wood flooring is more suitable for kitchen. Of course, you may choose and design according to your own hobby and personality.



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