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Why Vinyl Plank Is Better Than Ceramic Tile

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Why Vinyl Plank Is Better Than Ceramic Tile

At present, vinyl flooring has a great advantage in the flooring industry. With the development of technology and technological progress, when installing flooring at home,people usually have two choices of vinyl plank flooring and ceramic tiles. But which option is better? We provide you with the following reasons.


Vinyl plank flooring prices are usually lower than the prices of tiles, so vinyl flooring is more economical. And, if you choose ceramics, the price is the same as that of hardwood or high-quality carpets. In addition, the cost of installing vinyl plank flooring is 40% lower than the cost of installing tiles.


A fact that everyone knows is that vinyl plank and tiles are durable floors. However, ceramic tiles are more susceptible to damage than vinyl flooring (think about it, if you accidentally drop something heavy on the ground, it can be very harmful to the tile). If ceramics are used, they will crack over time. Besides, if you have children or pets, vinyl flooring is the best choice.

Aesthetic Appeal

The development of modern photographic technology can make the appearance of vinyl imitation tile, which will make the appearance of vinyl plank very similar to that of tile. And the vinyl plank can also meet any floor style you want, such as patterned vinyl flooring, vintage vinyl flooring or wood look vinyl flooring.

Faster And Easier

Although the tiles are gorgeous, it is a waste of time to install the tiles and because the process of installing the tiles is complicated, if you want to install them correctly, you may need a professional. This is also a waste of money. Vinyl flooring installation cost less than ceramic tiles. Compared with ceramic tiles, vinyl planks are 60% faster than tile installation, and you can install them yourself. In addition, they can be installed directly on your existing hard surface.

Not as Permanent

When installing a floor, one of the important factors is that you need to consider is cleanliness. Vinyl plank flooring is very easy to move, and it is easier to clean. But once the tiles are installed, it may be difficult to move. In addition, if you have been using vinyl flooring for a while and want to change a pattern, or if you are a person who likes to change trends and home design elements, then floating vinyl flooring has a greater advantage because removing vinyl flooring is also very easy.

Less mess

Preparing to install the tiles will make your room very messy because you have to tear the floor and make sure the surface of the floor is flat before installation, so too much dust will be generated in the process. But when laying vinyl flooring and cutting the floating floor, there is almost no dust. Vinyl plank are also easier to keep clean after installation.

No Wait Time

It is very convenient to use vinyl plank. Because you don't have to wait for the floor to solidify or dry, you can live here right away.


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