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Why solid Wood Flooring is Expensive?

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Why solid Wood Flooring is Expensive?

Many owners choose solid wood flooring when decorating the room, because solid wood flooring is more comfortable, and solid wood flooring is not as hard and cold as floor tiles. So, it is very suitable for home decoration. However, the floors used in home decoration are also divided into different types. In addition to solid wood floors, there are also natural log floors. Many owners do not understand the difference between log flooring and solid wood flooring. Today, we will talk about it and the approximate price of solid wood flooring.


How much is solid wood flooring of one square meter?


The prices of solid wood flooring of different brands, different materials and different thicknesses are different. The prices of solid wood flooring introduced here are approximate prices from the Internet. For example, the approximate price of natural solid wood flooring is about several hundred Yuan per square meter. For actual solid wood flooring prices, please consult your dealer or decoration company. Usually the price of solid wood flooring is more expensive than that of log flooring. Next, we will introduce the difference between them. After you read, you will know why solid wood flooring is expensive.


The difference between log flooring and solid wood flooring


In the flooring industry, wooden flooring is generally divided into three categories: log flooring, solid wood flooring, and imitation solid wood flooring according to the proportion of materials used. Log floor refers to the wooden floor where the wooden parts of the product must be processed with solid wood. Solid wood floor refers to the wooden floor with the main components made of wood and glued materials. That is to say, as long as the main structure of the floor uses solid wood, even if the door and side panels do not use solid wood, it can also be called solid wood flooring.


Features of log floor:


1. The log floor is good wood with natural qualities, so it has always been very popular with consumers.

2. It is a natural, healthy, and chemical-free natural product, so it fits the needs of modern urban people for a healthy home.

3. Because it is a wood product, it also has the characteristic of being easily deformed.


Features of solid wood flooring:


1. Sound insulation and heat insulation: The solid wood floor material is a dense wood fiber structure, so the thermal conductivity is low, and the effect of blocking sound and heat is very good.

2. Humidity adjustment: The wood of solid wood flooring has a very peculiar characteristic. That is to say, when the climate is dry, the moisture inside the wood is released, and when the climate is humid, the wood will absorb moisture in the air.

3. Wood flooring can automatically adjust indoor temperature and humidity by absorbing and releasing moisture, thereby it can reduce the incidence of rheumatic diseases in the family. Moreover, the thermal conductivity of solid wood flooring is relatively small, so it has the effect of warming in winter and cooling in summer.



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