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Wood Flooring Industry Trends

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Wood Flooring Industry Trends

Faced to many choices of flooring in the market, wood flooring is a very classic existence. With the progress of science and technology, new flooring, such as laminate, vintage vinyl flooring and ceramic tile, constantly appears in the market. If wood manufacturers want to stay in the market, they must keep the flooring interesting, fashionable and functional. In the past, wood has been leading the trend, and many flooring manufacturers have followed closely, which makes light oak flooring gradually break through the limit.


Many experts believe that slender tiles or wooden boards have a good development trend. Generally speaking, cushioned vinyl flooring with a width of 6 to 8 inches and a length of 24 to 48 inches will have more choices, and more colors can be created for wooden floors to increase people's attention, and matte technology should be developed. Only by constantly carrying out personalized and unique design and innovation will they occupy a place in the market.



Wood flooring color trends


Nowadays, many homeowners will use the floor to lay a style or create an atmosphere for their houses, which requires manufacturers to improve the color of the oak hardwood flooring. Nowadays, more people choose the golden wooden floor, and many people will design their houses very open, which leaves room for light wooden floors to play a role. The golden wooden floor gives people a very eternal feeling, and for this kind of floor, you can make endless innovations in the decoration of the room. Whether it is fashionable, modern, or simple and warm design, the golden removing vinyl flooring will satisfy, and the golden wooden floor will make the room look more open.


The whitewashed floor is very suitable for the popular farmhouse style house, and it will be often used in the kitchen. The whitewashed floor is not smooth white wood, but will show signs of wear and tear, revealing the wood look tile flooring of the lesson plan, and the whitewashed floor will make your home feel like a beach. The whitewashed floor is generally regional. If you want a light wood, it is recommended that you choose a golden wood floor with wider use.


Honey wood floor has a very light weight, and you can feel warmth from its color. This kind of wood effect vinyl flooring is a natural color, so it looks very real. This kind of warm and comfortable floor will be a choice for many people because it is classic enough.


Gray floor is very popular now, and now more and more people like the decoration with gray tone, which shows that people have their own ideas on decoration. The gray hardwood floors with this color look very fashionable, and it also creates a cool and modern home atmosphere. Whether it is classic black and white or very bold and bright colors, it can be matched with gray floor.


Some people think that the gray floor will make their house look like it is made of concrete, so many people will choose the natural wood look vinyl flooring, which can perfectly match the modern white appearance or rural brown, and it will make people feel very relaxed. As people pursue a simplified lifestyle, this natural wood floor will have great room for development.



Wood flooring texture trends


People are increasingly pursuing the texture of the floor. Now there are many high variations in the market, not only the color, but also the texture of the staining hardwood floors, especially the handscraped wood, which makes no two floors in the market look the same.




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